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But, I continue to tune in to fake news because it gives me a window into the truths of other people. When we teach these skills we commit a revolutionary act. Principle of Learning and Teaching 4 :.

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Educators often approach their work with the goal of helping students think critically about themselves, the world, and their place within it. This is a pursuit of truth. Whether a politician, a marketer, or a lowly education writer, we receive accolades for convincing people we hold the only relevant truth. However, the truth that matters is in the values and lived experiences that lead people to believe those positions to be true.

This principle challenges us to understand the lived experiences that lead people to see the world as they do.

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When we build relationships by understanding the truths of others, we set the stage for empathy and humanizing connections. If our goal is to help learners engage with our dynamic world, we need a pedagogy that aids in seeking and understanding truths. It must teach us to interrogate the assumptions that shape our perspectives.

The Revolutionary Pedagogy of Truths

It must help us understand the origins of our cultural, political, and economic beliefs. It must help us relate to others based on our ability to humbly share our values and understand those of others. Traditional pedagogy rewards students for having an answer for every question asked.

Sometimes, these answers are definitively represented as a bubble or a number. Other times, students are rewarded for offering a single answer with a convincing argument. While this approach helps in learning some skills, it rarely aligns with the dynamic reality of the world. When our pedagogy repeatedly rewards students for a single answer, we deeply engrain a set of beliefs. These disconnects between our pedagogy and the real world are evident even at the most advanced levels in our education system.

In teaching 9th graders World History, I struggled with how to help students see the Rwandan genocide as more than just Hutus killing Tutsis. Were the Hutus guilty of genocide? Were the Belgians to blame because they set the stage for this violence during colonial rule?

Were the UN and the US government at fault for refusing to intervene? My goal was to help students see that all of these things could simultaneously be true. One poll found that the British public trust politicians less than estate agents, bankers and journalists. And despite the fact that we now frequently expect lies from those in power, it remains challenging to spot them in real time, especially so if they lie by paltering. Psychologist Robert Feldman, author of The Liar in Your Life, sees this as worrying both on a personal and on a macro level.

Lying can and does clearly serve a devious social purpose. It can help someone paint a better picture than the truth, or help a politician dodge an uncomfortable question. But it's how human cognition works," says Rogers. Unfortunately, the prevalence of lies might stem from the way we are brought up. Lies play a role in our social interactions from a very young age. We tell young children about tooth fairies and Santa, or encourage a child to be grateful for an unwanted present. So next time you hear a fact that sounds odd, or someone to be deflecting a question, be aware that what you think is the truth may very well be deceptive.

I told her that she looked good when I thought that she looked like a blimp. We want to achieve our narrow objective — [selling a house or car] — but we also want people to see us as ethical and honest. It's unethical and it makes our democracy worse.

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