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Social media and tourism marketing are intrinsically linked, so without further ado, here are five social media tourism trends to watch for in I invite you to download it as well! It seems like mobile is on an unstoppable rise lately, and the travel industry is no exception. The increase of mobile bookings is also contributing to a rise in last-minute bookings. Trekksoft also found that while most bookings are made 13 days in advance, that window shortens to just 5 days on mobile. Consumers want to be able to check prices, availability and more all from their cell phone, and not being able to do so will turn people away.

Many website platforms allow you to preview your site on mobile, a quick and easy way to see what consumers see. The top four messaging apps Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and Viber have more active monthly users than the top four social media channels- a staggering 4 billion users. This presents an ideal opportunity for any business to chat with customers in real time, on their level.

A simple way to take advantage of this trend is to make sure the chat option pops up whenever someone visits your Facebook page. Chatbots will also become more commonly used in Facebook has an easy way to take advantage of this by offering a public bot service for businesses to enable. Including DTC communication in your marketing plan will help you stay ahead of the game. Historically, this means extending business trips to include vacation days.

However, this definition may be changing. In episode 81 of Destination on the Left with Katie Denis of Project Time Off, she explains that many millennials blend work with vacation by working regular hours onsite at their chosen location, and exploring during nights and weekends. This allows them to keep a regular work schedule while still exploring new destinations and attractions.

So how does this tie to your social media channels? Share it! Let fans offer their input with a multiple choice question. This is a great way to boost engagement and also gives your audience the chance to share their ideas. Twitter and Facebook even offer poll features you can utilize. Pick your Super Freak accent color! A post shared by HeydayFootwear. Tip: You can use multiple choice questions a lot of different ways.

Ask fans for feedback about what service qualities are most important to them, what their favorite product is, or even something fun like which award show performance they most enjoyed! Creating and sharing videos has never been easier, thanks to social media. With a smartphone, you can snap a quick video and automatically share it on Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , LinkedIn and more.

Or try Facebook Live to livestream video from wherever you are. Facebook gives you the option to share the video to your page, where fans can find it long after the livestream ends.

How to Market Your Travel Business on Social Media by Tanisha

Was there a particular Facebook post that generated a bunch of shares, or a photo on Instagram that saw a ton of comments? Each platform offers insights and analytics sections that you should be frequent to garner information about your audience. Does your business send email newsletters or announcements on a regular basis?

These days, you can find an infographic about anything. Log on to Twitter and search for your industry and the word infographic Example: restaurant infographic. Share one you think your audience will enjoy — just be sure to cite the original source.

Social Media Advertising 101: How to Get the Most Out of Your Ad Budget

You can make an image stand out by editing it online. Facebook and Instagram have built-in editing features. You can also add new designs to images or resize them to fit the dimensions of each social network. Education is a powerful tool for building relationships online. This is an easy way to share your expertise and hopefully spark a conversation with fans and followers. Have you read or listened to something good lately?

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Talk about it on social media. This is a great way to connect with fans and followers beyond talking about the products you sell or the services you offer. Tip: Consider creating a reading list or Spotify playlist you think your audience would enjoy. These lists are easy to create and you can always ask your staff and customers to add to the list! Are you following other local organizations on Facebook or Twitter?

Share one of their posts and show some support. Chances are you know a ton of tips and tricks your audience would love. Write down a list of helpful tips related to a particular product or service you provide.

How Long Should a Blog Post Be to Get the Most Traffic and Shares?

You may even have tips from customers. Share them and make sure to mention the customer in your post. These people really do care about your success and want to be there to celebrate it. Let them in on the celebration by talking about it on your different social networks. Invite your customers to celebrate with you by creating a special offer for them to take advantage of. Have you gotten started on a new social network lately? Sharing content across your social networks is a great way to bring your social media audiences together. Click the link to our Facebook page and see a new post on the curriculum for this week, focusing on Johannah Jelks!

This is a great way to promote multiple pieces of content at once. Posting to social media is a great way to keep people up-to-date and build an online community. If you want to reach your audience even more effectively, encourage them to join your mailing list.

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