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His intemperate habits had so far shaken his nerves, that he shed tears very freely on any strong emotion. Our puisne Judge I have nothing to say against; he is a very honest man, for aught I know; but I cannot be silent as to our chief Judge; and I will name him, because what I have to say will appear more probable. His name is Sir George Jeffreys, who, I must say, behaved himself more like a Jack-pudding than with that gravity which becomes a Judge.

He was witty upon the prisoners at the bar. He was very full of his jokes upon people that came to give evidence, not suffering them to declare what they had to say in their own way and method, but would interrupt them because they behaved themselves. I bless God I am not a man of his principles and behaviour; but in the mornings he appeared with the symptoms of a man that overnight had taken a large cup.

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That which I have to say is the complaint of every man, especially of them that had any law suits. Our Chief Justice has a very arbitrary power in appointing the assize when he pleases, and this man has strained it to the highest point; for whereas we were accustomed to have two assizes, the first about April or May, the latter about September, — it was this year the middle as I remember of August before we had any assize; and then he despatched business so well that he left half the causes untried; and, to help the matter, has resolved we shall have no more assizes this year.

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Accordingly, he came with such a train that the cider-barrels at Acton ran very fast, and the larder was soon exhausted; whereupon, the old gentleman, in a great fret, charged his son with a design to ruin him, by bringing a whole country at his heels, and warned him against again attempting the same prodigality, f "Peti- But a violent political storm now arose, which threatened.

In the struggle which arose from the long delay to assemble Parliament J, he had leagued himself strongly wit h the "Abhorrers" against the "Petitioners," and proceedings were instituted in the House of Commons on this ground, as. Chandler's Debates, ii. A petition from the City of London, very numerously Oct. The King was stanch, and returned for answer to the He is address the civil refusal "that he would consider of itf;" resignthe but Jeffreys, who, where he apprehended personal danger, offic e of was "none of the intrepids," quailed under the charge, and, afraid of farther steps being taken against him, came to an understanding that he should give up the Recordership, which his enemies wished to be conferred upon their partisan, Sir George Treby.

The King was much chagrined at the loss of such a valuable Recorder, and said sarcastically that " he was not parliament proof. The address of Speaker Williams was very bitter, and caused deep resentment in the mind of Jeffreys. WorldCat Nonsuch Publishing. With a map of the route, and appropriate engravings. WorldCat London: Longman. VI, Brumwell, Lt. Buckham, Rev. WorldCat Ken Trotman. Edited from the French by C.

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Sir Henry Bunbury, K. Reviewed: Athenaeum No. WorldCat London: Peter Davies. Introduction by Sir John Fortescue. Bunbury, T. Reminiscences of a veteran. Editions London: R. Edited by Hon. George Wrottesley. British Library Historical Print Editions. Cameron, James The Letters of Lt.

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Written by himself. Editions London: J Mason. London: H Baker. Published as: A prisoner of France : a narrative of the Napoleonic Wars. Cocks, Major The. Edward Charles Cocks.

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He was a great favourite of his commander Arthur Wellesley, the future Duke of Wellington, who admired him for his bravery and sharp perception and who took news of his death badly. Edited by Julia Page. Amazon Hippocrene. Edited by Loredan Larchey. Translated by Mrs. London: Peter Davies. In the publishers Soldier's Tales series.

WorldCat London: Greenhill. Edited by G. Edited by Cole, M and Gwynn, S.. Facsimile of the edition.

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The Spanish campaign of , by Adam Neale. Reminiscences of a campaign in the Pyrenees and south of France, by John Malcolm. Memoirs of the war of the French in Spain, by M. Narrative of the battles of Quatre Bras, Ligny, and Waterloo. Death of Napoleon Bonaparte. Editions Edinburgh: Constable. Cooke, J. Memoirs of the late War : comprising the personal narrative of Captain Cooke of the 43rd Regiment Light Infantry; the history of the campaign of in Portugal, by the Earl of Munster; and a narrative of the campaign of in Holland, by Lieut.

Moodie Cooke's narrative covers Editions London: H. Colburn and R. Cooke, Lt. John A True Soldier Gentleman. The Memoirs of Lt. Edited by Eileen Hathaway. Published as: Rough notes of seven campaigns in portugal, Spain, France, and America during the years WorldCat Carlisle: G. WorldCat Spellmount. Costello, Edward, b. WorldCat London: Colburn and Co..

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WorldCat [Hamden, Conn. Adventures of a soldier. Edited by Viscountess Combermere and Capt. Edited by I. Series: The Napoleonic Library. Published as: The Peninsular journal, WorldCat Greenhill. Series: Napoleonic Library.

Dallas, Alexander Autobiography of the Rev. Dalrymple, Hew Whitefoord, Sir, Memoir written by Sir H.