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Forced to La vida de Allie ha dado un giro terrible. Actually Occitan and Catalan also say "pel" and "orella" exactly the same way The great fuss amongst Spanish nationalists is to prove Catalan is always more Spanish meaning closer to Castilian than any other language to the north. They will argue above reason and common sense. There are many different ways of being Spanish.

I'm hardly surprised so many catalans want independence. Regarding the accent, Catalans usually speak fluent Spanish with a Catalan accent. Just to give you a rough idea it would be like a Scot speaking English with a Scotish accent. Some have a heavier accent than others but it's always quite clear. Many Catalans feel more comfortable in Catalan than Castilian although the only monolingual Catalan speakers are very young children who learn Castilian in school and some older rural speakers who speak very bad Castilian. What made me laugh most is when you said "groc" was close to both groups.

Spanish says "amarillo" and French "jaune". That is one of the examples where Catalan is absolutely original and, it would seem, it is an old Germanism which can't be found in other languages. It's really unbelievable how you analyse things. I trust the intelligence of other readers will be well above your manipulation. In terms of phonetics Lengadocian Occitan is the closest variety to Catalan. By the way, it resembles much more Western Catalan including Valencian than Eastern Catalan Eastern Catalan has a "shwa" sound neutral "e" which doesn't exist in Occitan or Western Catalan dialects.

I que tinguis un bon dia i una bona nit. I el que vulguen els castellans a Barcelona ho volem nosaltres a Madrid. Also "How can you say "ull", "dent", "genoll" or "cuixa" are only slightly closer to Gallo-Romanic. Funny how you wax lyrical about whether "carcer" is a cultism in catalan and so the right comparison is between "preso" and "carcel", and then you fall into the same trap you criticize when it suits your argument.

Thats very disappointing, "voir" dishonnest 3. It's really unbelievable how you analyse things" Well now I have to apologize, since indeed its not closer to any group, me putting it in the category of equally close to both groups tried to reflect just that, not to count it for one or the other, but did you not quote it as an example of links between catalan and gallo-romanic? I dont think there is any need to appeal to the readers intelligence to unmask manipulations, my numbers still stand, only 6 out of 16 of YOUR examples can be said to be clearly on a gallo-romanic trunk and not on a ibero-romanic trunk, and we are talking about patrimonial lexicon which is admitedly the stronger connection with gallo-romanic group But in any case I wonder why you get so upset, since im mostly agreeing with you, ie catalan lies somewhere between ibero-romanic and gallo-romanic.

I just wouldnt go about dismissing out of hand the relationship with the ibero-romanic group, because thats simply not borne out by the facts ie the many examples seen in these pages. Once again, do the simple test, translate a couple of random posts in this thread into spansih catalan and french, I believethe result will be pretty much in the middle, but closer to spanish. Then try to read it in the three languages, it will be a lot closer to spanish than french, and thats the very simple reason why spanish and catalan speech are mutually intelligible, whilst spanish or catalan speech and french arent.

And you can try and join the francophonie if you want, that wont change : Y bueno si mis opiniones sobre la proximidad de unas u otras palabras a unos u otros grupos ya te ponen enfermo y te despiertan llamamientos a la independencia es que tienes la sesera cocida de tanto mirarte al ombligo :. However, I have not seen you try to enforce this rule on any other thread, with any other person. I'd like to see it more widely enforced.

There are many other people on even this thread that post in other languages. And then the Vive Le Quebec thread?

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Truthfully, the fact that you told only him this makes you seem partial and even arrogant as it could be seen that you only told him because his views differ from yours. Do Catalan and Occitan represent a linguistic transiton from French to Spanish? Brennus' views? His statements are often fundamentally inaccurate or just plain wrong.

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Dear Brennus Not only have you told me off regarding the language I use I only answered in Catalan to a "Guest" who sent me messages in Catalan, or didn't you realise it but you have also wiped off those Catalan language posts. Billiard Fishing Toss Games. Business Writing Skills.

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