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Do we need to know? The only answer I have is that Yves Saint Laurent quote about "fashion fades but style is eternal.

Forgive me for sounding like an A-Level philosophy student called Tristan who's just discovered salvia for the first time, but doesn't it, like, sometimes freak you out that we rely so heavily on technology? That in the event of, say, a planet-wide power cut caused by the impending nuclear war, we'd be so screwed that life would descend into some kind of apocalyptic madness whereby, at some point, we'd probably have to decide which of our friends or family members we should kill then eat first. What does this have to do with "Mr Brightside" by the Killers?

The point I'm trying to make here—on this website—is that technology is disarmingly fragile. We can't always rely on it for everything. Maybe "Mr Brightside" by the Killers is back in the UK charts because, I dunno, the computer fucked up and counted the numbers wrong.

Maybe someone put the wrong plug into the wrong socket. Maybe there was a glitch. A virus? I don't know how these things work, but shit happens, and I'm calling this as an error. Or just start a daily ritual of blasting "Mr Brightside" eight times before work, then again later that night at home, to "pump themselves up for the highlight of the summer!! It's like a Harry Styles quote in a broadsheet newspaper gained sentience and rearranged itself into a melody, so impossible is it to be offended by.

Let me explain.

Also, in July , "Mr Brightside" began its week run in the UK charts having previously enjoyed a just few weeks here and there from years onwards. Or is Theresa May doing such a fucking bad job of being the Prime Minister that every time she appears on telly sneering in a factory in a town she can't remember the name of because it doesn't have a Waitrose, the electorate feels compelled to listen to "Mr Brightside" and think of Jeremy Corbyn. Lovely Jeremy Corbyn and his sensible manifesto that is actively trying not to kill poor people. What happened on January 12, the day "Mr Brightside" shot to number 49?

It's exactly the thing in those same words that kept me from going to a therapist all my life. I'm in the best relationship yet and almost lost it again, made my first appointment next week! Loquacity Brandon flowers said in an interview that the sing is based off real llife events of him getting cheated on Flag blu on June 29, General Comment Well, now that you mention it it -could- maybe be about a prostitute, but that's not the way i personally interpret the song.

The way i see it is My main interpretation comes in when it starts to talk about this other man that the woman is spending time with. Now, there are one of two situations this guy is in. However, because he's fallen in love with him, he's angry and upset because he knows that she doesnt want him, and is just going off with 'the next guy on the list'.

He imagines "and it's all in my head" these other guys getting with her, and it starts "taking control" of his head; that's all he can think about. Nice one. I think the 'prostitute' idea came from the Moulin Rouge themed video. He could just have been jealous at a flirtatious girlfriend during the chorus Flag DavidArmitage on January 18, Jupp, two interpretations which are both kinda likely.

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The one I had was kind of similar to your second, however i've never thought of it as being his paraoia. Haven't really ackowledged the "and it's all in my head"-part, I think. I've always just seen it as him being cheated on, without being able to leave the relationship cause he loves her too much. But so yeah, nice one, think you pinned it down quite well. Ironic that this is such a great partysong, isn't it? Flag huurricane on February 07, Gotta add something..

Mr. Brightside lyrics - The Killers

Unless you say something extremely retarded, theres no "wrong" interpretations. Or should I say, very few. That's the beauty of music : Flag brighteyessucks on October 22, Totally agree with you!!

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At 1st the "coming out of my cage Thanks so much for interpreting the song like this, it opened my eyes and now i can't hear the song without thinking of it like this! I can relate to the feelings, paranoia, and insecurities of the narrator. In the past I have been in a similar place in my life. It sucked. A lot. And the worst thing is: the imaginings were just that: all in my head. But at the time, they were quite intense and affected me a lot.

And to the poster who said "people get jealous because they are vulnerable", I am persuaded that is absolutely true. Flag tigerx on July 01, Does it not make more sense that the kiss that he refers to, is actually the kiss where she cheats on him. All paranoia etc comes from that kiss she had with another guy, and how it seems odd that she only a kissed him yet id had such a profound effect on him coz he was so in love Flag boomcity on September 13, MaxQQQ I'm in the exact spot your 2 is right now.

I started singing this song randomly in the shower today and I guess it was a strange coincidence that I decided to look up what this song really meant. Now I know where I really am and who I am. I'm Mr.


MaxQQQ When he says "it starts with a kiss", could he have walked in on her, sees her give a brief kiss to someone else and nothing more but then his imagination takes off? Flag Derf on May 23, General Comment I think you have to put the song in the same order of the record to kind of get a full grasp. The song before it on the cd is Jenny Was a Friend of Mine. Basically, he commited a crime, assualt or manslaughter, against this girl Jenny.

He is being questioned by the cops, etc, etc. He was doing fine in jail. He discovers that the girl, Jenny, is now involved with someone else.

Mr. Brightside, a song by The Killers on Spotify

I dont take "Started out with a kiss" to be between him and the girl. I think that has to do with the girl Jenny kissing someother guy and from there they have fallen for each other. Now, destiny is calling him and he has to move on. But he cant and I think thats why the whole song is repeated 3 times.

Why is MR. BRIGHTSIDE still on the charts?

Just my take.. Flag toabsolution on June 24, I'm afraid not Bourbon is about killing Jenny, Midnight Show is the killer hiding the body, and Friend of Mine shows the thoughts of the killer as he's being interrogated about her death in police custody.

Photos of People's Faces When "Mr Brightside" by The Killers Hits

This song has nothing to do with Jenny, the album isn't really a continuous narrative : Flag Sabazius on December 18, Sabazius: What if this is after he gets out of jail or maybe he was never actually convicted and keeps having flashbacks about what made him kill Jenny? Maybe that he got jealous when he saw her at the movies Midnight Show kissing another guy and got thrown into all these images of what she could have done, and that somehow made him snap and kill her. Bourbon could be what he was kind of rambling to her as he killed her basically saying 'I would have been more than happy to drink alone, but you had to waltz in and ruin everything, and now look what happened.

That would explain the somewhat jumbled feeling of the song, and still makes sense in the sceme of things. Flag musikgirl on July 24, Brightside I'm coming out of my cage And I've been doin' just fine Gotta gotta be down Because I want it all It started out with a kiss How did it end up like this?

It was only a kiss It was only a kiss Now I'm falling asleep And she's calling a cab While he's having a smoke And she's taking a drag Now they're going to bed And my stomach is sick And it's all in my head But she's touching his chest now He takes off her dress now Let me go 'Cause I just can't look It's killing me And taking control Jealousy Turning saints into the sea Swimming through sick lullabies Choking on your alibis But it's just the price I pay Destiny is calling me Open up my eager eyes 'Cause I'm Mr.

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