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Many Yo-kai never learned of the late Ancient Enma's change of mind. While Ancient Enma does not physically appear in the game, his death is important to its plot. He is first mentioned when Whisper wonders how so many bad Yo-kai can enter the human world since they're supposed to get Ancient Enma's permission, and Venoct explains that Ancient Enma has already passed away.

It was his death that enabled McKraken to take over with his political party and name himself Chairman. Venoct also reveals that Lucas is in fact, the son of the late Ancient Enma, and thus a source of hope for all Yo-kai that suffer under McKraken's regime. It was an argument between Arachnus and Toadal Dude over whether cream- or custard-filled donuts would make for an adequate gift to the Yo-kai king that ended up causing the split into and warring between Fleshy and Bony Yo-kai.

This article or section will contain information that may be recognised as spoilers or in-game cheats. It is best to avoid them at any cost. It was Ancient Enma who created the book that the game takes place in, and he was the one who sealed the game's main antagonists, Noruka and Soruka, within it.

During the request "Enma Note Part 2", Lord Enma has to face the power of Ancient Enma, his grandfather and predecessor, to prove that he is worthy of using the Enma Blade. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Yo-kai Medallium biography. On the verge of death, he stumbles upon an elderly tattooist named Baikou Honshou. Baikou, hearing the boy's plea for survival, tattoos and "oni-gome" onto the boy's hand. An oni-gome is a mark bearing the Enma the Immortal is about a young man who is cursed with immortality.

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An oni-gome is a mark bearing the spirit of a demon that enters the person and keeps the person alive until the oni or demon loses interest or dies itself. When the boy wakes up, he discovers that he is now immortal. He is horrified as he doesn't wish to live forever, and finds himself becoming a tattooist like the old man.

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He then takes up the name "Enma" Honshouu. Enma after the king of hell in Japanese mythology and Honshouu as the successor of Baikou.

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This is where the fantasy ends. Though the long life to get into adventures and scrapes is fantasy in the background, that is so far as it goes. What it is about is really how this man deals with his immortality and living with this curse while his loved ones grow old and leave him behind.

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It's very poignant and well-thought out. Including the difficulties one would have in the world with such abilities. Describing the mindset and so forth of the characters, "characterization, in other words, is something the author, Fumi Nakamura excels at. I found the condemnation of Japan along with America interesting. Enma is written as hating violence now and disliking Japan going to war. Through his thoughts and those of others, we get an unflattering portrayal of Japan during war years.

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Culminating in this is the atom bombs, which are appropriately seen as evil. Japan has a history of glossing over bad stuff in their history, so this author showing not just the evil of atom bombs, but how Japan acted, was unique. And appreciated.

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Just as I appreciate honesty about America's past, so long as the good is listed also, so here. The star-crossed lovers aspect of Enma and Natsu, combined with how they seem to perhaps have a hope of some happiness at the end really touched me. It was interesting seeing such a melancholy and immature immortal and a much younger but still more mature woman in Natsu. The contrast was striking. I greatly enjoyed this, though it was slow in some points, and I do recommend it to others.

Nov 27, Zo rated it really liked it. I loved the intricacy of the plot and the way it moved through history. I also understood where the author was trying to go most of the time so that was a big plus, especially considering that there were some issues with translation. It didn't ruin the book for me, obviously, but it was annoying and threw off the flow of the plot at times. The biggest problems were either that the word choice use of connotations was imperfect, or the basic idea just I loved the intricacy of the plot and the way it moved through history.

The biggest problems were either that the word choice use of connotations was imperfect, or the basic idea just didn't translate from Japanese to English very well. In addition, there were some moments where I felt a bit of sexism coming through. Glad I read this. Jul 03, Annie rated it liked it. I nearly put this book down as the prologue did not captivate me.

Perhaps it was the effect of the translation but the writing felt stilted. The strength of this novel lies in its description of life in the different historical epochs in Japan. The fantasy aspect stayed consistent throughout. It was a a relaxing read and I will seek its sequel. Oct 31, Larry Strome rated it liked it. Some of the passage in the English translation are a little awkward but otherwise good book.

Aug 01, Gavin rated it liked it. Good idea but must have lost a lot of feeling and interest along with the translation. In front of these three kings sat two officials: a judgment-reader shimyo and a record-taker shiroku. These are the sculptures of King Enma and his attending kings and officials. These statues are originally from a temple called Enmado, but they are now owned by a temple in Kyoto called Hoshaku-ji in Oyamazaki-cho, Kyoto Prefecture.

They are the oldest statues of their kind and date to the beginning of the Kamakura period, in the 13th century. Look more carefully at the eyes on these statues. The eyes glitter because they are made of quartz. Inlaid quartz eyes are a unique characteristic of sculptures from the Kamakura period. Now, pretend you are the spirit of someone who has just died. You are standing in a hall awaiting judgment from these kings and officials.

You hear an angry voice coming from the judge's bench. As you look up to the bench, you see the menacing eyes of the judge glistening in the lamplight. Suddenly you remember all the bad things you have ever done in your life, and you are filled with shame and despair! This is the effect these statues are meant to have!